The Stav, Abby and Osher Catch Up - hit105 Brisbane - Stav Davidson, Abby Coleman and Osher Günsberg

What do Stav (Brissie’s funniest stand-up guy), Abby (every gal’s best friend who tells it like it is) and Osher (that guy who hands out all those roses on The Bachelor – how does he afford it?!) have in common? They join forces each morning to create hit105’s breakfast show! If you’re into keeping it real with raw, honest conversations, laughing out loud (usually at Abby’s mispronounced words) and what it’s really like to have oh so perfect hair this is the place. Your rose awaits you! Listen every weekday morning 6-9am on hit105 Brisbane or catch up with the show here.


STav Abby and Osher - October - Friday 28