Posted: 6 October, 2016

Honesty Time: Who Thinks It's Okay To Pee In The Shower?

Stav & Osher give it the Green Light!

On Stav, Abby & Osher this morning, Abby received a very....personal "Dear Abby" letter from a listener asking if the general public think its okay to wee in the shower.

"I think its disgusting! My fiancé thinks it's awesome, fine and feels great!” the listener said.

 "I mean how hard is it to go before a shower?" 

 "The point is, the shower is to wash and clean yourself, its not a toilet!"

Author of the Dear Abby letter, Erin came on the show with shamed fiancé, Mitchell who said he’s agreed to stop in honour of the “Happy Wife Happy Life” policy.

 Osher and Stav were quick to come to his defense.

 “Erin, I’m really sorry to say this, but you are going to have to get over it,” Osher said.

 “You don’t need to go before the water hits you…when the water hits you it’s your body’s reaction.”

 “I’m going to say Erin that you’re overreacting and you need to give Mitchell a break!”

 “I’ll give him a break once he cleans up the shower, because I’m the one who has to pick up the back spray off the wall!” Erin replied.

 Abby said it's good to teach kids not to ‘go’ in the shower.

 "Why? They’ll go in the shower anyway. If we’re all going as adults, why are we teaching them to be different?” Stav replied. 

 Hear the awkward chat here!




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