Posted: 24 November, 2016

The Truth About Australia’s Mango Shortage

Save our mangoes!

Aussies were shocked this week when the Australian Associated Press reported that the numbers of Kensington Pride mangoes were down this year due to a warmer winter.

As summer approaches there is nothing that Australians are looking forward to more than enjoying a mango with every single meal, so the idea of a mango shortage was definitely not a happy prospect.

Michael Simonetta, CEO of Perfection Fresh Australia and distributor of Calypso mangoes has spoken out to assure Australians that there will still be plenty of mangoes on offer.

“While a warmer winter may have affected volumes of Kensington Pride, we are certainly seeing a strong season for Calypso with great fruit being picked right now,” said Mr Simonetta.

“While the weather has meant that this is a little later than originally anticipated, it has not impacted overall volumes at all,” said Mr Simonetta. 

“In fact, we are on track to exceed our original forecast of delivering more than 10 million kilograms of Calypso mangoes to Australians this season. And, for lovers of Kensington Pride, our Queensland supply will be starting very soon.  

“The bottom line is that there will be great fruit available at affordable prices right throughout the summer, ” said Mr Simonetta.

Calypso mangoes have a vibrant colour, a greater amount of flesh that provides more mango and less seed, as well as a longer shelf life and delicious flavour. 

Kensington Pride mangoes are an early season mango variety, with a soft, juicy, fibreless flesh and a strong mango aroma, with citric overtones.

So that settles things. There will be enough mangoes for everyone this summer!

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