Posted: 9 November, 2016 by @amydrewsnews / Taylah Webb

Schoolies - Don't Trade Your Academic Record For A Criminal One


It’s getting to that time of year, when school-leavers let their hair down, and celebrate the end of their schooling career, and while its’natural to want to kick back and have a good time, some are warning against behaviour that could have an impact later down the track. 

Slater and Gordon Criminal Lawyer Emma Aldersea has warned schoolies to be careful, and not to let their excitement cloud their judgement.

“This is most likely the first time these teens will be making choices without parental supervision, which is why it is so important they are aware of the impact an arrest or criminal charge could have on their future,” Ms Aldersea said. 

“For example, having a criminal record can be a barrier when applying for a job and can also make it difficult to get a visa to visit or work in another country.”

Parents of schoolies are also being warned against purchasing alcohol for their kids.

“While parents might have the best intentions when buying alcohol for their children, it is illegal to supply minors with alcohol, including your own children,” Ms Aldersea said. 

“After completing 12 years of education, school-leavers deserve to let their hair down and have some fun, but they might regret trading their hard-earned academic record for a criminal one.”

Here’s a helpful list of things to remember during schoolies week:

1. Drinking in a public place is an offence, regardless of your age.

2. Being drunk or ignorant of the law is not an acceptable defence to a crime.

3. Queensland has heavy penalties for drug offences. If you are caught in possession of illicit drugs or sharing drugs with your friends, it can lead to a prison sentence.

4. There is no such thing as a private post on social media. Anything you post online could be used as evidence in court.

5. If approached by a police officer, you must give your name, address and, if you are under 17 years old, your age. If you are arrested, try to remain calm and you should ask to call your family and/or lawyer.

6. You can be arrested and charged for offenses such as public nuisance, urinating in public, using offensive language and wilful exposure (flashing).

7. It is illegal to use someone else’s ID card or to create a fake ID card. Lending someone your own ID can also lead to a hefty fine.

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