Posted: 29 November, 2016 by @jogilvie17

Scammers Take 200K From An 89-Year-Old

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Police are warning of a scam targeting elderly people on the Gold Coast, including an 89-year-old who lost more than $200, 000, and $84, 000 taken from an 84-year-old.

The fraudsters are impersonating police and bank officials claiming someone’s tried to access their credit card or bank accounts.

Before convincing the victims the bank are working with police to report attempted thefts on money and cards.

The scammers then call back, telling people they need to transfer money to a ‘safe account’ in the UK.

We’re being told to keep an eye out for older relatives and report incidents through ACORN, the Australian Cyber-crime Online Reporting Network:

For more information on current scams visit ScamWatch:

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