Posted: 3 November, 2016

Same Sex Couples In Queensland Can Now Adopt

Great news for same sex couples hoping for a slice of parenthood. 

State parliament has passed legislation overnight making it legal for them to adopt  a child.

 The changes, which were debated late on Wednesday night, will broaden the pool of potential adoptive parents to also include single people and those undergoing fertility treatment.

 Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman told parliament the changes would remove a discriminatory barrier.

 "While Queensland may not be the first to break down this barrier, I am determined we will not be the last," she said.

 But Ros Bates, the Liberal National Party's child safety spokeswoman, opposed the eligibility expansion citing an insufficient demand for adoption in Queensland.

"Any expansion of the right to adopt to single people and same-sex couples will do nothing but create an unrealistic expectation amongst those Queenslanders that they will have an easy access to adoption," she said.

 "Adoption is not about appeasing someone wanting to adopt, but finding a child the best home in which to grow up happy and healthy," she said.


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