Posted: 23 November, 2016 by Taylah Webb / @clairesherwood_

Resume Lies To Land A Job

Pic credit: Getty Images 

So, turns out bullsh*tting a bit on your resume is way more common than we thought.. 

In a survey of 1,000 people, all aged 18-39, Xref Recruitment Risk Index has found that 42% of them had been deliberately deceiving in a job application, and 23% asked a referee to either lie about their identity, or about the candidate’s suitability for the job.

The report also found that some HR managers and recruiters have been guilty of discrimination due to lack of consistency in the approaches and questioning of referees.

Just under one-third of referees reported being asked for iResume nappropriate details about a candidate, such as their age (15%), sexual orientation (7%) and relationship status (10%).

Xref founder and CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour, said he hoped the research would shine a much needed light on the issues caused by a reliance on old, tired and inefficient HR business processes.

“These findings should come as major wake up call for Australian businesses. Advancements in technology and data collection in recent years mean that good-quality data has become the minimum requirement for business processes. We must improve the efficiency of recruitment or face continued candidate fraud, hiring based on inaccurate data and ultimately, money wasted on critical stages of the hiring period."

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