Posted: 28 November, 2016 by Paxton Roth

Received This Email? Delete It Immediately!

The Gold Coast Arts Centre has warned if you have received an email that contains a bill from their email account to delete it immediately.

The centre's email has been hacked and fake invoices are being sent from it's email account.

They released the following statement:
At approximately 10.00 am this morning we became aware that people have received an email or multiple emails purporting to be from The Arts Centre Gold Coast seeking payment for an invoice. These emails are not authorised emails and we are still investigating the cause. We advise everyone to please disregard these emails, do not click on anything within the email or pass on any personal details to anyone regarding these emails. We are also asking people to tell their friends who may have received the email to do the same. We are providing updates via email and our social media channels to our patrons as soon as we have any further information. We also want to thank everyone for their calls and messages of support. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank them for their patience as we work to resolve the issue. Please be advised that The Arts Centre Gold Coast remains open for business.

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