Posted: 8 November, 2016

Queensland Couple’s Pet Pig Under Threat From Local Council

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A Queensland couple is fighting to keep their pet pig after the local council ordered them to rehome it.

Jennifer Hewer and John French from Mount Isa were threatened with fines of up to $6000 because they live within city limits and are not allowed to have a pig on their property. Their one-year-old pet pig is named Hambo.

The couple set up a petition and Facebook page to support their cause, and spoke out this week after meeting with the city’s mayor and lawyers.

“We thought it might have gone better than it did,” Jennifer Hewer told

“We feel really deflated after the meeting and they basically told us there was nothing they could do. She (Mount Isa City Council Mayor Joyce McCulloch) was really lovely about it and I understand they have their reasoning but surely there must be something that can be done.”

The couple now need to find a new home for Hambo or move to another house if no solution can be reached. 

“We moved to Mount Isa about two years ago and we live on a block of land which is adjacent to John’s work, with a total of more than 2500 square metres. We are surrounded by neighbours who support us keeping Hambo and they have all signed letters stating that,” Ms Hewer said.

“We have neighbours with camels and all kinds of animals. We chose this location because there was a variety of animals in the neighbourhood and we are a good 4kms south of the city. But the problem is, the city limits in Mount Isa are so wide and that has worked against us.”

Tags: pig

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