Posted: 9 November, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Donald Trump’s Son Is In Big, Big Trouble

See the tweet that could land him jail time.

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This is the LAST thing the Trump family would want to happen on election day.

Donald Trump’s son, Eric, found himself in hot water after posting a seemingly harmless tweet.

It was a photo of his completed ballot, with the oval over his father’s name filled in.

He tweeted: “It is an incredible honour to vote for my father! He will do such a great job for the U.S.A! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.”

Turns out, showing filled-out ballot papers is actually illegal in New York, under an 1890 law. Just last week a federal judge confirmed that this law also applies to social media.

Luckily, Eric quickly deleted the tweet but could potentially be facing jail time as well as a $1000 fine.

There is speculation he is unlikely to be punished.

Tags: Donald, Trump, Election, Eric

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