Posted: 16 November, 2016

Cane Toad Sausages Are Australia’s Newest Delicacy – With A Serious Twist

Cane toad sausages are on the menu in parts of Western Australia. 

Residents in the Kimberley region are being asked to collect as many cane toads as possible as part of a new initiative by the WA Parks and Wildlife Department to help save endangered animals. 

The cane toads are being minced and turned into sausages which are being left out for native animals to eat.

If that still doesn’t make much sense, the idea behind it is pretty interesting. Native animals often hunt and eat cane toads, but they are unable to digest the poisons found in the introduced species. This results in huge numbers of animal deaths, with cane toads often decimating large native populations. 

"The idea is that we feed toad sausages to animals like northern quolls, and their experience in eating that sausage causes vomiting and aversion to the taste of a toad, and the smell of the toad," Corrin Everitt from the State Cane Toad Initiative for WA Parks and Wildlife told the ABC.

"The work that we have done so far is looking pretty effective … at the moment, it's looking like between 50 and 70 per cent of the quolls that might be present in a population are taking the sausage and are learning to avoid toads."

There's a stomach churning video of the whole sausage process below:

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