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Is There Really A Difference Between Savoy & Jatz?

Which do you prefer?

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There are some very serious differences between Australian states that can instantly cause huge arguments. 

Fritz or devon. Potato cake or potato scallop. Peanut butter or peanut paste. AFL or NRL. And then the big one. Savoy vs Jatz.

Australians have been debating the crackers for years, with many divided over whether there was actually any difference between the infamous biscuits.

But it turns out there's actually an answer. Back in 2013, Arnott's answered the very important question on a Facebook post.

Jatz and Savoy crackers are reasonably similar but you can tell the difference immediately as “SAVOY” is embossed on the Savoy cracker. There are also some recipe differences between the two crackers – the most obvious ones are that Jatz contains full cream milk powder and malt while Savoy contains golden syrup instead of malt.

Savoy were on the market in Victoria and Tasmania before Jatz. They were then made in Melbourne by the Brockhoff biscuit company. Arnott’s joined with this company in the early 1960s and adopted many of its products. It was decided to keep Savoy and Jatz because consumers in Victoria and NSW were equally passionate about their local brands.

So there you have it. There are slight differences, but they're practically the same biscuit.

Tags: savoy, jatz

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