Posted: 26 October, 2016 by @clairesherwood_

Two Children Surviving Dreamworld Tragedy Labelled 'A Miracle'

The 10 and 12 year olds are recovering at Gold Cost Uni Hospital

Pic credit: Stock image, Thunder River Rapids Ride

A police officer who's seen CCTV footage of the Dreamworld ride accident, which claimed four lives, says it's a miracle two children survived the incident. 

Four adults, who were holidaying from Canberra, were killed when two of the Thunder River Rapid Ride's rafts collided towards the end of the ride. It's understood the four adults and two children were thrown from the ride.. the two children were the only ones to survive. 

Queensland Police assistant commissioner Brian Codd says the 10 year old boy and and 12 year old girl were thrown clear. 

"In terms of how they escaped? Maybe through the providence of God or somebody. It seems, from what I've seen, almost a miracle that anybody came out of that"

"It's one of those [policing] jobs you just don't expect to happen" 

Codd says there's no doubt the 'catastrophe' has had a "deep and emotional effect on a lot of people". 

The park remains closed, and has been declared a crime scene while investigations continue. Codd says that is likely to be the case for a number of days to come. 

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