Posted: 6 October, 2016

Tell Tale Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

If you’ve ever wondered whether your partner is staying faithful you’re not alone.
But unless you’ve caught them or they admit it, how do you know?


A Reddit user posted the question:  "What are some signs your partner has cheated on you?" and this is what people said:

Here are 18 signs your partner isn’t staying faithful:

1. "They start accusing you of cheating."

2. "They get accusatory of almost anything, not just cheating. Cheaters do this because it helps them feel less guilty."

3. "They start texting more (and more privately) when you're together and seem to be in a better mood after checking their phone."

4. "When they demand to go through your phone but throw a crying fit when you want to go through theirs."

5. "They suddenly have lots more things to do in the evenings/weekends which means they can't see you."

6. "They have more mood swings, so one moment [they are] super lovey with you, next day [they are] super grumpy at you."

7. "Beyond mood, signs could be buying new underwear or sexy clothes, caring about what they wear again, maybe getting a new haircut, scent or changing something they've never cared about before."

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