Posted: 25 October, 2016 by @clairesherwood_

Planned Crackdown On Drugged, Drunk Dole Bludgers

Too drunk or high? You'll lose money!

Pic credit: Getty Images

The Turnbull Government is floating plans for a no-nonsense approach, which would literally COST the slackest and laziest of our dole recipients. 

The move would target people rather than regions for the first time.

In essence, it would mean people who blow their money on booze and drugs and then turn down job interviews would be penalised... 

They could be docked a day's pay, and even permenantly moved onto a cashless card system instead. 

It's a proposal Employment Minister Michaelia Cash, Social Services Minister Christian Porter and Human Services Minister Alan Tudge are working on together. 

Tudge told The Courier Mail there are too many excuses for dole bludgers at the moment: 

“We have a concern, particularly that having drug or alcohol issues can be considered a reasonable excuse under current definitions."

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