Posted: 8 October, 2016 by Bree Gashparac

Mother Reveals She Paid For Her 17-Year-Old Daughter’s Lip Fillers

The mother and daughter spoke about the experience on Insight.

Controversial current affairs program Insight recently ran an episode that discussed young people seeking out cosmetic procedures.

One story that came out of the hour-long show belonged to 17-year-old Summer Wilson, who approached her mother Lisa about getting lip fillers.


Summer said she wanted lip injections to raise her confidence levels. When asked, Lisa told Summer she was ‘perfect the way she was’. After a year and a half, Lisa agreed to go through with is as she understood how it important it was for her daughter.

Summer admitted that social media was an influence in her decision to get fillers and her friends were ‘jealous’ as it is a current trend. 

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