Posted: 14 October, 2016 by @lynch_mandy

Millions in Lotto Winnings Unclaimed in QLD

Could you be a millionaire?

There are a few oblivious millionaires in Queensland at the moment, with Golden Casket holding on to $4 million in unclaimed lotto prizes.  

The biggest unclaimed prize is a $2 million dollar winner - the ticket was bought in Cairns in January 2014.

But there's also a $1 million dollar prize for someone who bought their ticket in Morayfield in June last year.  

Golden Casket says if anyone thinks they've bought the winning ticket but lost it, they can make a claim... though the investigating process can take a while.  

For example in 2005 a Brisbane man made a lost ticket claim for a $23.2 million dollar Powerball prize drawn in 2004.  He was paid out in 2007.

Unclaimed prizes are held for 7 years.  After that they end up with the government or in special draws or dividends.

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