Posted: 6 October, 2016 by Hit105

A Lot Of Aussie Teens Are Really Concerned About Making Their Private Parts Look “Pretty”

This is so sad.

This is pretty freaking concerning.

A study has revealed a shocking rise in young Aussie women seeking cosmetic surgery to alter the look of their genetalia.

An article published in medical journal BMJ Open shows that girls as young as 15 are seeking out and undergoing surgeries such as labiaplasties, which involves removing excess tissue from the labia.

Girls wanting the surgery reported concern about the size of their labia, even though their genitals had not yet reached maturity.

Shockingly, out of 400 GPs who took part in the study, more than one third have said that they have had young girls requesting genital cosmetic surgery.

Dr Magdalena Simonis, from the University of Melbourne, headed the study, and has said that about half the girls asking for the surgery suffer from body dismorphic disorder, anxiety or depression.

"The industry is brilliant at using social media to convince women and girls that they have 'redundant' or 'excess' tissue, when in fact we know that the labia are rich with nerve fibres," Dr Simonis said.

He has cautioned those thinking about the surgery, stating that sexual response can be affected by labiaplasty.

The Medical Board of Australia now advises that women under 18 wanting genital cosmetic surgery undergo counselling, as well as a three-month “cooling off” period.





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