Posted: 12 October, 2016

These Are Brisbane’s Best Sushi Trains

Lunch time!

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There’s something about sushi travelling around a conveyer belt on a covered plate that makes it taste even better.

Here are some of Brisbane’s best sushi trains that you need to get on NOW!


Where: Paddington (details here)

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Hanaichi Sushi Bar

Where: Wintergarden Queen Street Mall (details here)

Sunny Sushi Station

Where: Sunnybank (details here)


Ginga Restaurant

Where: Southbank, Hamilton Harbour, Carindale, Fortitude Valley (details here)

Sushi Edo

Where: Newmarket, Nundah, Elizabeth Street, Sunnybank Plaza, The Barracks, Kenmore Plaza (details here)

Sushi Rail

Where: Fortitude Valley (details here)

Sushi Train

Where: Multiple locations across Brisbane (details here


Tags: sushi train, sushi

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